Dell shows off the Luna concept laptop

Late last year, Dell announced the Luna, a concept laptop designed specifically for “sustainable ecology.” Compared with other laptops, Luna aims to reduce carbon emissions, by using recyclable components, easier to repair and replace, and the carbon emissions in the production process are also greatly reduced.

According to TomsHardware, this year Dell showed a new Luna concept laptop, which is easier to disassemble than last year’s solution. In addition, Dell confirmed that there are only x86-based devices for the time being, and there are no plans to involve Arm devices.
One of the biggest features of the new Luna concept laptop is that various components can be easily removed and replaced, from common memory and SSD to screen and keyboard, etc. The modular design is used to fix the card slot, which can minimize the use of screws, and there are no adhesives and connecting wires that are often used.

The user only needs a few minutes, and the loose components can be assembled into a complete and usable laptop. The components used in the Luna concept laptop all have QR codes on them, which can be scanned to enter the purchase page for replacement components.

Image credit: Tom’s Hardware

While this year’s new Luna concept laptop focuses on user repair and upgrades, Dell seems to be focusing on enterprise-scale recycling and repair. For this reason, a supporting robot has been specially developed to assist in maintenance, which can determine which components can be used by scanning, but the operation speed is not fast at this stage, and it may take more than an hour to complete the disassembly work.

In addition to reducing a lot of electronic waste, the Luna concept laptop is easier to replace components and has a longer lifespan than past products. However, Dell said that it has no plans to mass-produce the Luna concept laptop.