DeepLearn.js 0.3.0 release, add support for iOS


DeepLearn.js 0.3.0 has been released, this is a hardware-accelerated machine learning JavaScript library that can run entirely in the browser without installation and back-end processing, open source by Google.

The major updates for this release include:

  • Added support for iOS
  • Added optimizer (Adam, AdaGrad, AdaDelta, RMSProp)
  • New  math.cos,  math.tan,  math.asin,  math.acos,  math.atan,  math.sinh,  math.coshmath.abs
  • New  math.oneHot and  math.multinomial #160
  • Added  NDArray.getValuesAsync() to download values #146 from the GPU asynchronously
  • Added math.concat[1-4]D and  added math.slice[1-4]D
  • Fix  NDArray.randTruncatedNormal Bug  #172
  • Added when the glsl fragment shader can not compile when highlighted


  • Faster ops restore (min / max / reduce_sum / logsumexp)  #145
  • Faster matrix multiplication and convolution/pool  #129
  • Added script for model builder training data preprocessing #136
  • Reference measurement improvement #140

For more information, please refer to the release notes


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