Deepin Operating System 15.10.1 releases


deepin is an open source GNU/Linux operating system, based on Linux kernel and mainly on desktop applications, supporting laptops, desktops, and all-in-ones. deepin preinstalls Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) and nearly 30 deepin native applications, as well as several applications from the open source community to meet users’ daily learning and work needs. In addition, about a thousand of applications are offered in Deepin Store to meet users’ various needs. deepin, developed by the professional operating system R&D team and deepin technology community, is named from deepin technology community, which means deep pursuit and exploration of the life and the future.

Changelog v15.10

  • Rebuilt using Debian stable repository
  • Take dde-kwin as the default window manager
  • Auto merge files on desktop – Keep items neat and organized
  • Wallpaper slideshow – Set a slideshow of your favorite pictures
  • Sound effect switches – Turn on or off each system sound as you like
  • Bug Fixes and Improved Functions
    Control Center: 
    * Restored screen rotation if timeout, so as to avoid the misoperation when the screen was blank;
    * Fixed the issue that screen rotation was not well supported on HiDPI screen when disabling window effect;
    * Fixed the bug that the screen rotation cannot be exited by pressing ESC;
    * Added the validity check for netmask in network IPv4;
    * Improved the order in wireless network list;
    * Fixed display scaling issues in multi-display environment;
    * Fixed screen projection issues;
    * Fixed the issue that some display settings were not shown in multi-display environment;
    * Fixed the inconsistence between the example sound effect and the actual sound effect of notification;Dock:
    * Added “Hibernate” option when right clicking shutdown button;
    * Added support for disabling the trash plugin;
    * Removed the trash plugin from dock context menu in efficient mode;
    * Added a prompt when in overlay mode;
    * Fixed the incorrect dock position after setting display scaling in multi-display environment;
    * Added the network connection prompt;
    * Fixed the issue that in deepin stable version, some plugin configurations cannot be correctly saved to backend;

    * Fixed the bug that in fullscreen mode, the icons jumped up when opening the launcher;
    * Fixed the large icon size when dragging the app icon in fullscreen mode;
    * Fixed the bug that font size of the left category list did not follow that of the system;
    * Fixed the incorrect location of mini launcher when the dock was on the right;

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