Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Deepin Operating System 2020.06.30 releases

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deepin is an open-source GNU/Linux operating system, based on Linux kernel and mainly on desktop applications, supporting laptops, desktops, and all-in-ones. deepin preinstalls Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) and nearly 30 deepin native applications, as well as several applications from the open-source community to meet users’ daily learning and work needs. In addition, about a thousand of applications are offered in Deepin Store to meet users’ various needs. deepin, developed by the professional operating system R&D team and deepin technology community, is named from the deepin technology community, which means deep pursuit and exploration of the life and the future.

Changelog 2020.06.30


* Improved: the network icon in the tray area;

Control Center
* Improved: the map in timezone settings;
* Improved: the display of Drawing Tablet module when unplugging the tablet;
* Fixed: the wireless network connected but no Internet access after PC reboot or start;
* Fixed: the icons of update/update settings;
* Fixed: when the cloud account was logged out in Control Center, it was logged out in App Store synchronously, but the user avatar was still showed there;
* Fixed: the conflict between system shortcuts and application shortcuts;

Notification Center
* Fixed: when the system language was English, the notification message was in Chinese;

* Fixed: the ellipsis was not displayed in the clipboard when the text was too long;

* Fixed: the font size in the login box did not change when the font size was set to 20 in Control Center;
*Fixed: enter the correct username and password to log in cloud sync, but the login box popped up again;


* Fixed: the UI issue;
* Fixed: cannot find songs when searching for artist names;

App Store
* Fixed: when there was a downloading task or an error, the Download page is blank;

Print Manager
* Fixed: after successfully installing the Canon driver, issue a printing task, but no file was printing;

System Monitor
* Fixed: name error in some languages;

Document Viewer
* Improved: multiple PDF documents are displayed in tabs;
* Fixed: the window close button does not work if opening three PDF documents at the same time;

Package Installer
* Improved: the bulk installation of deb packages;

Third-party Apps
* Fixed: the WPS2019 icon display issue in the dock.