DeepCool Assassin IV air-cooled radiator specifications announced

DeepCool, a brand familiar to many DIY enthusiasts, boasts product lines such as cooling solutions, computer cases, and power supplies. At the CES 2023 event earlier this year, DeepCool unveiled numerous new products, including the flagship air cooling solution, Assassin IV, which garnered significant attention.

DeepCool has since disclosed the specifications of the Assassin IV on their official website, hinting at an imminent launch. The Assassin IV exhibits notable differences in appearance from its 2019 predecessor, the Assassin III. Its monolithic, black cubic form comprises large, angular heat sink fins and metallic textures, exuding a chilling, enigmatic dark style that distinguishes it aesthetically from other offerings.

With dimensions of 144mm x 147mm x 164mm (WxDxH) and weighing in at 1575g, the Assassin IV is equipped with seven 6mm heat pipes and a unique dual-fan setup featuring 120mm and 140mm fans, capable of dissipating up to 280W of thermal energy. This state-of-the-art cooler supports Intel’s LGA 1700/1200/115x sockets and AMD’s AM 5/4 sockets, accommodating current mainstream platforms.

The Assassin IV utilizes 120mm and 140mm fans with factory-installed FDB bearings, measuring 120mm x 120mm x 25mm and 140mm x 140mm x 25mm, respectively. In performance mode, the fans operate at speeds between 500 and 1700 RPM ±10%, with maximum airflow rates of 58.06 CFM and 79.1 CFM, and maximum static pressures of 2.44 mmAq and 2.1 mmAq, respectively. Noise levels remain remarkably quiet at ≤29.3 dBA. In silent mode, fan speeds range between 500 and 1350 RPM ±10%, with maximum airflow rates of 46.75 CFM and 63.76 CFM, and maximum static pressures of 1.58 mmAq and 1.35 mmAq, respectively, while generating noise levels of ≤22.6 dBA.

The pricing and specific release date of the Assassin IV remain undisclosed at this time.