Data shows that monthly active users of Firefox browser have dropped by up to 50 million since 2019

It is an indisputable fact that the market share of the Firefox browser has gradually declined in recent years. For this reason, Mozilla is also reducing its product line and laying off staff to reduce its operating costs.

At present, the top desktop browser market share is still Google Chrome, and Microsoft browser is now relying on bundled installation market share is gradually taking off.

Firefox, which was once the king, has a decreasing market share. Of course, users are also losing severely. Many users have already given up Firefox and switched to other browsers.

According to public data provided by Mozilla, there have been 244 million monthly active users of Firefox since January 2019, and the highest number reached 253 million.

Since then, the monthly active users of Firefox began to slowly decrease. Statistics on July 19, 2021, showed that there were only 200 million monthly active users of Firefox.

This means that 44 million active users of Firefox have been lost in the past two and a half years, which is obviously bad news for Firefox.

Firefox browser is the most important asset for Mozilla, and it is also the foundation’s main source of income.

The gradual decrease in the number of users means that Mozilla can obtain fewer and fewer shares, so it is a must to reduce the product line and lay off employees.

There is also interesting data showing that Firefox browser loyal users seem to be becoming more and more loyal. The average use time of these users has increased from 4.8 hours to 5.25 hours.

Of course, the main reason for the increase in usage time may be caused by the epidemic, and more users need to work from home, so the time spent on the Internet may also increase.

But these users did not switch to Google Chrome browser or Microsoft Edge browser, which may be good news for Firefox browser, loyal users are unwilling to leave Firefox.

Google relies on search engines and its own products to pop up banners to recommend Google Chrome browser to users, while Microsoft directly bundles the Edge browser into the operating system as the default.

Only Firefox does not have a solid promotion channel, so the number of users will be less and less unless Mozilla can figure out a way to turn the tide of the battle.