Cybercrime Takedown: Interpol Nets 31 Suspects, Dismantles Phishing Servers

Interpol announced that during an international operation, law enforcement agencies apprehended 31 suspected cybercriminals and identified over 1,300 malicious servers used for conducting phishing attacks and disseminating malware.

According to Interpol’s statement, Operation Synergia, conducted from September to November 2023, was initiated in response to the active growth, escalation, and professionalization of transnational cybercrime, as well as the need for coordinated actions against emerging cyber threats.

Operation Synergia

The operation involved law enforcement agencies from 55 countries and several private companies. Seventy percent of the detected Command and Control (C2) servers—primarily located in Europe, Hong Kong, and Singapore—were dismantled, while other servers are currently under the control of special services.

In addition to the 31 arrests, Interpol identified another 70 suspects responsible for phishing attacks, the dissemination of banking malware, and ransomware programs. The investigation unveiled major cybercriminal groups, though their names and origins were not specified.