CORSAIR Releases RMx SHIFT Series Power Supplies

CORSAIR announced the launch of the revolutionary RMx SHIFT series power supply, which supports ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 standards, providing PC enthusiasts with a new way to build systems. Rated from 750W to 1200W, these modular power supplies are 80 PLUS and Cybenetics Gold certified.

Just like the previously leaked information, the RMx SHIFT series power supply has moved the interface that was originally located at the rear to the side of the power supply, allowing users to have a clearer view, and to better connect the cables to the modular interface, it becomes easier to install and manage the cables. This design can solve the embarrassing problem that often occurs in the case of limited space: the position of the power supply compartment and the 3.5-inch hard disk compartment are too close. After the power supply is installed, numerous cables will occupy the space of the hard drive compartment.

RMx SHIFT series power supplies have a stable output with an efficiency of 90%. Selected materials and components ensure the stability and durability of the power supply. It is equipped with a 140mm hydrodynamic bearing fan, which utilizes a specially calculated fan curve for high performance, low noise, and excellent reliability, and supports a stall mode for near completely silent operation under low workloads.

There are four products in the RMx SHIFT series power supplies, namely RM1200x SHIFT, RM1000x SHIFT, RM850x SHIFT, and RM750x SHIFT. It is equipped with a brand new CORSAIR Type 5 Gen 1 interface, the cable is still the conventional version, and a 12VHPWR cable is provided to facilitate the use with GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards. CORSAIR has tested the RMx SHIFT series power supplies in all of its current cases to ensure compatibility and has worked hard to verify compatibility with most third parties.

CORSAIR provides a ten-year warranty for the RMx SHIFT series power supplies. The corresponding prices of RM1200x SHIFT, RM1000x SHIFT, and RM850x SHIFT are $269.99, $209.99, and $159.99. The RM750x SHIFT is not yet on the shelves, and the rest of the products can be purchased from the CORSAIR online store and a global network of authorized retailers and distributors.