CORSAIR announces partnership with Signify

Corsair has announced a partnership with Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) to bring its iCUE software into the Philips Hue ecosystem. Extending CORSAIR iCUE’s sophisticated RGB customization and synchronization to the dazzling illumination of Philips Hue light bulbs and lightstrips, users can now control the entire room’s lighting with dynamic lighting effects and gradients.

CORSAIR said that Philips Hue bulbs and light bars can be directly controlled through the iCUE software, and the interface is also very simple and intuitive.  The iCUE software will automatically recognize the Philips Hue bridge, just switch it to “On” in the iCUE software, and a new Philips Hue tile will appear on the iCUE homepage. From there, users can program and customize Philips Hue light bulbs, lightstrips, and other Philips Hue RGB lights.

With the addition of CORSAIR’s own products that support iCUE software, users can extend the lighting effect beyond the PC to obtain a colorful environment with a better atmosphere. Users can also control their entire Philips Hue lighting setup through the Elgato Stream Deck using the iCUE plug-in.

According to The Verge, Signify also recently released a Philips Hue Play gradient light bar for PC that can be attached to the back of the monitor to provide ambient lighting effects. The lightstrips will be available in bundles sized for displays ranging from 24 to 27 inches ($169.99) or 32 to 34 inches ($189.99) and an additional bundle that supports a trio of 24 to 27-inch monitors ($279.99).
The new product, which will be available from September 13, can be synchronized with other lighting device settings in the Philips Hue ecosystem and can be controlled via CORSAIR’s iCUE software in addition to the Philips Hue Sync app.