Colorful launches a new GeForce GT 1010: Equipped with DDR4 memory, TDP is only 20W

The GeForce GT 1010 appeared in the driver list on Nvidia’s official website around early 2021, but for a long time, neither Nvidia’s board partners nor OEMs could see traces of this graphics card. It wasn’t until earlier this year that the GeForce GT 1010 gradually appeared in benchmark databases and the retail market. Since the GeForce R495 GA1 version driver was released in October last year, GeForce graphics cards with Kepler architecture are no longer supported. It is believed that NVIDIA is also replacing the GeForce GT 710 with Kepler architecture with Pascal architecture products.

Recently, Colorful launched a graphics card called GeForce GT 1010 LP 2GD4, which uses DDR4 as video memory and is equipped with two HDMI ports, which is lower than the previous model with GDDR5 video memory. Its video memory speed is 2.1 Gbps, and the 64-bit video memory bandwidth makes the video memory bandwidth only 16.8 GB/s.
In addition to reducing the memory specifications, the base frequency of the new GeForce GT 1010 is 1151 MHz and the boost frequency is 1379 MHz, which is also lower than the frequency of the GDDR5 version of the GeForce GT 1010 (base frequency 1228MHz / boost frequency 1468 MHz). The TDP has also dropped further from 30W to 20W.
The previous Geekbench benchmark results showed that the GeForce GT 1030 was on average about 35% faster than the GeForce GT 1010 equipped with GDDR5 memory when the overall specifications were lower. The DDR4 version of the GeForce GT 1010 will definitely have lower performance this time, and it should be the lowest-end product in the current NVIDIA GeForce product line.