Chromebooks with NVIDIA graphics may have been canceled

Originally, Chromebooks were conceived as laptops tailored for educational pursuits and light clerical tasks. However, last year witnessed Google‘s ambition to amplify its gaming prowess, including the integration of the esteemed Steam platform into ChromeOS. Concurrently, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) contemplated launching Chromebooks powered by NVIDIA’s discrete graphics cards. Yet, recent revelations suggest that such gaming-caliber Chromebooks may no longer grace the market.

From a source dedicated to chronicling Chromebook developments, gleaned from responses within the Qualcomm community, it emerges that three Chromebook models – cryptically codenamed Agah, Hades, and Herobrine – have had their development endeavors terminated. Prevailing speculations had indicated that these three models would boast NVIDIA’s discrete graphics, making this a rather disheartening revelation for those who harbored hopes of gaming on Chromebooks. Furthermore, another anticipated model, underpinned by the ARM-architecture Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, finds itself amidst this cessation.

Considering the generally economical price point of Chromebooks and their modest hardware specifications when juxtaposed against typical Windows laptops, a model featuring Intel’s 12th generation Core CPU (akin to Framework) is deemed opulent. Supported by the Iris XE integrated graphics, it offers graphical prowess nearing that of entry-level discrete graphics cards. Thus, indulging in competitive titles like CSGO or navigating AAA games on reduced graphical settings becomes plausible. This led aficionados to nurture the expectation that with NVIDIA’s graphic augmentation, Chromebooks could be a gaming powerhouse.

The underlying rationale behind Google and OEMs deciding against launching models equipped with NVIDIA’s discrete graphics remains cloaked in ambiguity. Nonetheless, enthusiasts can still immerse themselves in games via the Steam platform and the cloud-based gaming avenue, GeForce Now. Perhaps Google envisions Chromebooks catering to a more casual gaming milieu rather than emulating the dedicated gaming focus inherent to Windows laptops. Of course, this is all contingent on rumors; the definitive narrative awaits Google’s eventual disclosure.