Sat. May 30th, 2020

Chrome, Firefox and Cloudflare announce to support for the HTTP/3 protocol

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HTTP/3 is the next major version of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, but according to W3Techs, it is currently only used by 3% of Internet sites worldwide. The good news is that with the support of Cloudflare, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, HTTP/3 has been greatly promoted today. Cloudflare announced that it will offer customers an option to enable HTTP/3 support for their domain name on the console dashboard starting today. When enabled, when a user accesses a Cloudflare-hosted website on a client with HTTP/3 feature support, the connection is automatically upgraded to the latest protocol instead of being processed through the legacy protocol.

On the browser side, Chrome Canary added support for HTTP / 3 earlier this month. Users can open it with the Chrome command line tag “–enable-quic –quic-version=h3-23“. In addition, Mozilla plans to introduce support for HTTP/3 for Firefox Nightly Build later this fall.

Compared to predecessors, HTTP v3 has been completely rewritten, using the new QUIC (not TCP) protocol, and built-in TLS encrypted transport support.

Via: ZDNet