ChatGPT Opens Its Doors: No Registration Required

Generative language models have now become widespread, with ChatGPT, a pioneer among these models, recently removing registration restrictions to allow unfettered access for users. This announcement was first made on OpenAI’s official website and subsequently echoed on OpenAI’s official X account, where it was stated, “We’re rolling out the ability to start using ChatGPT instantly, without needing to sign-up, so it’s even easier to experience the potential of AI.”

ChatGPT Plus

Image credit: Future

In the official website announcement, OpenAI expressed, “Our primary mission is to broadly offer tools like ChatGPT so that individuals can experience the benefits that artificial intelligence brings. Currently, ChatGPT is utilized by over 100 million people across 185 countries each week to learn new information, seek innovative inspiration, and find answers to their questions. Starting today, users can immediately utilize ChatGPT without the need for registration. We will be gradually implementing this initiative, to make artificial intelligence technology accessible to any user interested in AI capabilities without any barriers.”

However, aside from ChatGPT, other OpenAI products still require user registration to be used, such as DALL-E, which generates high-quality images from textual descriptions; and some more advanced artificial intelligence products are still only available to a select number of registered users, such as the newly announced AI voice cloning service, Voice Engine, and the video creation platform, Sora. In early 2023, ChatGPT faced questions about how to generate profit, and OpenAI attempted to launch ChatGPT Plus, a subscription service where users could pay $20 per month for faster response times from ChatGPT and access to new features, though this had limited success.

Later, through a partnership with Microsoft, embedding functions powered by ChatGPT into Microsoft’s products resolved the profit dilemma. The decision to eliminate the registration requirement for ChatGPT undoubtedly aims to expand people’s acceptance of AI, facilitating the promotion and sale of the company’s subsequent AI products.