Cellebrite says that their product can unlock Apple devices running iOS 12.3

Regardless of whether you are familiar with the GrayKey developed by the startup Grayshift, it is a device that steals the user’s core secrets. Of course, it is mainly for the iPhone. Of course, many Android phones can also be cracked. According to 9to5mac reports, although Apple has suppressed GrayKey, this cracking device has been favored by some special users, such as US carriers, FBI, etc., which can basically crack any iPhones running iOS 7-iOS 12.

On iOS, UFED Premium is compatible with devices running iOS 7 through iOS 12.3.

Bypass or determine locks and perform a full file system extraction on any iOS device to get much more data than what is possible through logical extractions and other conventional means.

Gain access to 3rd party app data, chat conversations, downloaded emails and email attachments, deleted content and more, increase your chances of finding the incriminating evidence and bringing your case to a resolution.

The price of this cracking tool is $15,000 for each device. With it, the police can easily unlock the suspect’s iPhone by bypassing encryption. From the previous demonstration, even if the iPhone X is running the latest system, GrayKey can easily handle it. GrayKey is so sacred, so powerful, it was developed by startup Grayshift, founder Braden Thomas is a former Apple security engineer.