CCleaner began to bind users to their browser in the test phase by default

CCleaner veteran cleaning tool can reach hundreds of millions of users around the world, mainly powerful and free version without any ads or bundles. But after Avast acquired CCleaner, this good experience no longer exists. It seems that developers believe that the reputation of this tool can continue to be used.

The latest problem is that CCleaner began to bundle the CCleaner Browser browser, which was modified based on the Chromium project. The bundle option is hidden in the installation interface. If the user does not click to view the details and expand the bundle option, then the browser will be installed.

What makes many users angry is that CCleaner Browser has not even published tests or published any related news. Even then, the browser is quietly plugged into the user’s computer with a bundled operation and even set the default browser during the installation phase.

Via: Techdows