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Rapidus 2nm chips

Rapidus plans to trial produce 2nm chips in 2025

Samsung announced its future technology roadmap last year. Mass production of the 2nm process will begin in 2025, and the more advanced 1.4nm process is expected to be mass-produced in 2027. At the same...

Galaxy S23 Ultra support UWB

Galaxy S23+ and the Galaxy S23 Ultra support UWB

It is a common practice for smartphone manufacturers to have multiple different models in the same series. Generally speaking, the basic model of a series of smartphones is not only the smallest in size...

Galaxy S23 128GB

Galaxy S23 128GB version may only support UFS 3.1

According to previous reports, Samsung announced that the Galaxy Unpack 2023 event will be held at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on February 1, 2023. Before the official release, a lot of information about...