Wed. Aug 12th, 2020

Canonical releases Ubuntu-WSL for better Ubuntu integration on Windows

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Canonical’s Balint Reczey has released a new Ubuntu-WSL package that will be installed by default when running Ubuntu on Microsoft’s Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) to provide better integration.

Ubuntu-WSL is a new package for integrating packages to be installed on every Ubuntu WSL system. With updates to the ubuntu-wsl package, Canonical will add new features to the Ubuntu WSL installation to make them easier to use.

Ubuntu is already the flagship Linux distribution for the WSL/WSL 2 running in the Microsoft Store, so using the Ubuntu-WSL package will improve the user experience.

Currently, Ubuntu-WSL introduces wslu, a utility set for WSL that makes it easy to create shortcuts to Linux programs from the Windows 10 desktop, screenshot tools, tools to access Windows environment variables, and Windows The default web browser is bundled with the WSL web browser’s wrapper and other integration enhancements.

Wslu is developed independently of Canonical/Ubuntu and works with many Linux distributions on WSL, and now Canonical will provide it by default for Ubuntu on WSL. It is said that this new Ubuntu-WSL package will be able to implement more WSL features in the future.

Source: Phoronix