C++17 is officially approved and is expected to be released on the end of this year or early next year


Yesterday, the chairman of the ISO C ++ Standards Committee, C + + / CLI chief architect Herb Sutter wrote that the final round of the main ballot was completed and that the C ++ 17 DIS was approved by 100% of the vote. DIS’s unanimous approval also means that C ++ 17 can skip FDIS voting and publish it directly. In terms of ISO, C ++ 17 is already in the ready state, just waiting for the development team to submit the updated document and the final PDF.

Therefore, in the next two months, the project editor will review and revise the relevant text content, including spelling, formatting and so on. By the beginning of November, at the next meeting of Albuquerque, the final PDF will be sent to ISO.

After that, ISO will officially release the C ++ 17 language standard. If it can be released before the year, its official name will be ISO / IEC 14882: 2017. If you want to wait until next January release, will be called ISO / IEC 14882: 2018. Of course, this is just a small detail that the standard will be called C ++ 17 in the industry.

WG21 is currently doing is C ++ 20, is expected in 2 years (2019 summer) to complete all the features.


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