Broadcom releases Wi-Fi 7 ecosystem solutions

While the final Wi-Fi 7 standard may not be fully established until early 2024, major manufacturers have already started rolling out their own Wi-Fi 7 solutions. Broadcom today announced its Wi-Fi 7 ecosystem portfolio of chipsets including the BCM67263, BCM6726, BCM43740, BCM43720 and BCM4398 covering Wi-Fi routers, residential gateways, enterprise access points, and clients equipment.

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In addition, Broadcom also launched its first WiFi 7 SoC, called BCM4916, which uses a quad-core Armv8 processor with 64KB of L1 cache and 1MB of L2 cache, which seems to be a custom design by Broadcom, capable of delivering 24 DMIPS of performance. The SoC supports DDR3 and DDR4 memory, as well as 2.5 Gbps and 10 Gbps network interfaces, and provides a USB 3.2 interface.

Broadcom is once again leading the next generation of Wi-Fi with a full suite of Wi-Fi 7 ecosystem solutions. Our Wi-Fi 7 products and diverse customer partnerships continue the accelerated momentum created by the one billion Wi-Fi 6/6E chips that Broadcom has shipped over the past three years,” said Vijay Nagarajan, vice president of marketing for the Wireless Communications and Connectivity Division at Broadcom. “Wi-Fi 7, with its focus on low latency, high reliability, and high speed communications, is the perfect complement to multi-gigabit broadband technologies, while enabling the next iteration of the internet and AR/VR devices.

Broadcom said it is currently sampling Wi-Fi 7 chips to its partners and customers in the mobile, enterprise, service provider, and retail sectors. Earlier, a market analysis agency said that the first product supporting Wi-Fi 7 is expected to appear in 2023.