September 23, 2020

Britain announced to ban Huawei from participating in local 5G network construction

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The British Minister of the Environment said that because of US sanctions on chip technology, Huawei’s prospects for participating in the 5G network construction have undergone major changes.

The British Minister of Culture announced that the British government has decided to stop using Huawei equipment in the construction of 5G networks. The reason is that the so-called Huawei has security risks.

At the beginning of this year, the United Kingdom stated that Huawei could participate in the construction of 5G networks in the United Kingdom to a limited extent, but now the United Kingdom has decided to overturn the previous decision.

The British National Cyber ​​Security Centre, a subsidiary of the British Government Communications Headquarters, was commissioned by the British government to write a report on the impact of US sanctions on Huawei.

In the report, the center believes that there is a security risk in using the network equipment provided by Huawei. As for the risks, the center has not produced conclusive evidence.

This is basically the same as the previous sanctions imposed by the United States on Huawei, except that it keeps saying that there are security risks, but if it is required to provide evidence, it cannot be taken out.

Paradoxically, the British Minister of the Environment also stated that the use of Huawei equipment was stopped because of the sanctions imposed by the United States on chip technology. No security risks are mentioned here.

British politicians seem to think that it is not enough to ban Huawei from participating in the construction of 5G networks in the United Kingdom. They are also preparing to remove and replace all existing Huawei network equipment within a time limit.

That is, if the previous 3G/4G network equipment is Huawei, it must be removed and replaced. This is the latest decision made by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The British Times believes that it is impossible to remove all Huawei technologies from the UK mobile network because the cost of removal and replacement will be huge.

Moreover, it is unlikely that the United Kingdom will rely solely on network equipment provided by Nokia and Ericsson. The high-priced equipment of Nokia and Ericsson will also affect network development.

Via: The Wall Street Journal