Bing chat has been integrated into Microsoft Edge’s mini menu

Presently, Microsoft is diligently enhancing the Microsoft Edge browser, deeply integrating Bing Chat, a cutting-edge feature which incorporates Bing Chat into the Microsoft Edge context menu, thereby enabling users to conveniently access Bing Chat by highlighting text.

In all fairness, this functionality is fairly reliable and provides users with a streamlined method of consulting Bing Chat should they encounter any issues.

However, the integration into the context menu is not the conventional context menu, but rather Microsoft Edge’s Action menu. Users must proactively enable this feature, although currently it is nonfunctional as it remains in the Canary testing phase and is undergoing gradual implementation.

Upon completion of testing, users should be able to activate the feature through Edge Flags. Once activated, when performing text highlighting searches, Microsoft Edge will utilize its split-screen capabilities to display Bing Chat dialogues in a small window on the right side of the screen.

An additional commendable practice is that, likely due to privacy considerations, Bing Chat will prompt users to confirm their inquiries prior to initiating a conversation. This effectively prevents inadvertent sharing of highlighted text with Bing Chat, thereby safeguarding user privacy.

Via: Leopeva64