Sun. Jul 12th, 2020

Bill Gates said that letting Google launch Android is still his biggest mistake

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Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates admitted in an interview at the recent event: his biggest mistake was to let Google launch the Android operating system. It is well known that Android is now the world’s highest operating system share, and this market share has even surpassed Microsoft’s operating system in recent years. Bill Gates acknowledged that the smartphone market is undoubtedly a super-critical industry, but the reality is that Microsoft has completely messed up in this industry.

Windows 10 on ARM on Lumia 950 XL

The main advantages of Microsoft’s mobile operating system are the innovative interface, excellent performance, and excellent security, but the biggest problem is the lack of applications. Gates still believes that Microsoft’s operating system is a good system, but there are problems in the development process and the entire system ecosystem collapses. At the same time, Gates also said that only one mobile operating system competing with Apple is not a good thing, but now Google is in an absolute position in this regard.

Although Gates is optimistic, the outside world is generally not good for Microsoft’s mobile operating system, the main reason is not that developers are not willing to support Microsoft systems. Most people think that Microsoft’s bad decision is the reason for the death of this operating system. For example, every time a large version of the upgrade is released, the old users are directly abandoned. The actual problem is the lack of application support and the inability to meet the user’s use, so the adoption rate is lower.

Via: independent