Beyond the iPhone: Apple Eyeing Wearables as 2024’s Star

According to a report by Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, Apple is expected to shift its focus in 2024 away from the iPhone as its primary product. Instead, the company is likely to concentrate more on wearable devices, including the Vision Pro.

Gurman notes that the Vision Pro is anticipated to debut in the U.S. market in early 2024, with global sales expected to follow in the latter half of the year, positioning it as a key product for Apple. Significant upgrades are also expected for the AirPods, including the introduction of a USB-C port for the AirPods Max, along with an array of new colors. The fourth-generation AirPods are likely to feature enhanced audio capabilities.

Vision Pro App Stores

As the Apple Watch series enters its 10th anniversary in 2024, it is anticipated to undergo more design changes and is expected to include additional health tracking features, further driving the growth of Apple’s smart wearable market.

Regarding the iPhone models, while they will continue to be one of Apple’s main products, the changes in the iPhone 16 series are not expected to be substantial. These may include enlarging the screens of Pro models (through narrower bezel designs) and extending the action button feature to standard models.

Additionally, Gurman predicts various changes for the iPad lineup, including the introduction of a larger screen option for the iPad Air and processor upgrades for the iPad mini. The MacBook Air is expected to be updated with an M3 processor, and plans are underway to launch new MacBook Pro models.