betterscan-ce: A code analysis & automation platform

Betterscan Community Edition (CE)

Betterscan is based on QuantifedCode. QuantifiedCode is a code analysis & automation platform. It helps you to keep track of issues and metrics in your software projects, and can be easily extended to support new types of analyses.

The application consists of several parts:

  • A frontend, realized as a React.js app
  • A backend, realized as a Flask app
  • A background worker, realized using Celery, that performs the code analysis

Currently supports: PHP, Java, Scala, Python, PERL, Ruby, C, C++, Swift, Kotlin, Apex (Salesforce), GO, Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) Security and Best Practices (Docker, Kubernetes (k8s), Terraform AWS, GCP, Azure), Secret Scanning (166+ secret types), Trojan Source, Open Source and Proprietary Checks (total ca. 6,000+ checks). Checks for misconfigurations across all major (and some minor) cloud providers (AWS Checks, Azure Checks, GCP Checks, CloudStack Checks, DigitalOcean Checks, GitHub Checks, Kubernetes Checks, OpenStack Checks, Oracle Checks)


  • Many tools, one report (unification)
  • Dismiss, and collaborate on findings. Mark false-positives
  • Enable/disable each individual check in Checkers
  • ca. 6,300+ checks now (Linters, Static Code Analysis/Code Scanning, YARA ca. 4000 YARA binary matching/textual matching rules for Antidebug, Antivm, Crypto, CVE, Exploits Kits, Malware and Webshells, APTs )
  • any tool outputting JSON can be added
  • fast (checks only new code on recheck)
  • you can store state in Database (PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server) or in you Git repo.
  • Outputs in CLI, HTML, SARIF, JSON.
  • Git support (HTTPS/TLS and SSH). For private repositories only SSH.
  • Swiss army knife tool/SIEM for Code Scanning
  • 100% Code transparency & full control of your code

Open and Developer friendly DevSecOps toolchain

Betterscan uses many tools for Code, Cloud, secrets, dependencies – SCA (software composition analysis) and Supply Chain Risks, and also precise Graph-based SAST analysis for Code and AI/OpenAI GPT. All the best Tools, researched, setup, ran together, unifed and de-duplicated results, so you don’t have to do it. Added our own checkers also. Continuous Security. Fit for purpose and results.

Install & Use