Best Ecommerce SSL Certificates – Make Your Store Secure & Trusted!

Best Ecommerce SSL Certificates – Make Your Store Secure & Trusted!

A secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate is a protocol that encodes the information and establishes a secure connection between a website and the visitors. An SSL certificate provides an encryption role to the data and information. Without an SSL Certificate, an unauthorized third party can quickly gain access to data and information being transferred and may use the data to commit identity theft, MiTM, and other fraudulent acts.

E-commerce SSL Certificate

An E-commerce SSL certificate secures your E-commerce store from hackers. Therefore, all information like credit cards and personal data that is transmitted between your server and your clients’ systems is encrypted, and hackers cannot have access to it.

Types of E-commerce SSL Certificates

  1. Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificate
    This type of SSL certificate provides websites with a low level of validation. It is useful for websites that carry a single domain, blog or business newbie. It is relatively cheap to obtain and install this type of E-commerce SSL certificate. One primary reason for having a DV SSL certificate is to help improve your search engine ranking. DV SSL certificates have 256-bit encryption and are compatible with all mobile browsers and web browsers. These types of certificates are best for those website owners who want to validate their domains.

    The validation process for a DV SSL certificate is easy as the user only needs to prove that he owns the Domain. This can be done via the email verification, checking of information of the web registrar or through file bases verification.

    Reasons as to why You Should Buy a DV SSL

    Several advantages are associated with DV SSL which will be the main motive behind you buying this type of certificate. DV SSL has lower prices compared to organizational validated and Extended Validated certificates. The issuing process for this type of certificate is also fast, as they are issued within minutes after being verified. The validation process does not involve any paperwork. The certificate also improves google ranking and increases the users’ trust.

  2. Organization Validated (OV) SSL Certificate
    This type of E-commerce SSL encrypts user data and information during transactions. It provides organizations with a higher level of validation than domain validated SSL. It is also instrumental in distinguishing secure websites from malicious websites.  It is a top assurance SSL that is used to validate a business or company. OV SSL comes with a 2048-bit signature and a very strong 256-bit encryption. It also increases the trust of the business or organization that has installed it.
  3. Extended Validated (EV) SSL Certificate
    An extended validated SSL certificate provides websites with the highest level of security than any other type of SSL certificate. When this type of certificate is installed on a website, the following are displayed: the name and the country to which the business is located and a padlock and the HTTPS symbol. This helps in ensuring the security of the website and the validity of the owner of the website.

Best E-commerce SSL Certificate Providers

How do you choose the best SSL provider? This is a question that needs to be answered before going ahead to choose an SSL provider. The following are the overall best SSL providers that you can choose from.

  1. Comodo SSL

Comodo is a respected internet security provider. If you are after a reliable SSL certificate provider, then Comodo is what you should go for. It is able to take care of SSL security requirements for both large and small online stores. It also avails several best security features, such as quick certificate validation and issuance. It is also a highly affordable SSL provider with the cheapest going at $9 approx. per year that depends upon the provider.

  1. DigiCert SSL Certificate Provider

DigiCert provides high-level data encryption as well as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions. It also provides the necessary validations required for using digital or SSL certificates. These certificates are essential in the authentication and validation of organizations’ identities. They also protect the privacy and information integrity of users of Ecommerce web users.

  1. Entrust

Entrust is known for generating Certificates faster and efficiently. Some of the product lines that fall within the scope of entrusting are authentication systems, ID card, and credit card printers, and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions. SSL certificates are considered the most exceptional service solutions that are provided by Data card. The prices for SSL certificates start from $174 per annum for a standard SSL to $609 per year for a Wildcard SSL that covers unlimited servers.

  1. GeoTrust

GeoTrust covers three main areas which are; provision of SSL certificates, SSL for enterprise, and signing services.  GeoTrust provides a comprehensive selection of SSL certificate starting from the domain level to Extended Validated (EV) SSL Certificate with a different range of prices. E-commerce organizations, banking and financial services, and many other types of government organizations fall within the GeoTrust SSL certificate range.

  1. GlobalSign

GlobalSign deals with an individual SSL certificate, multiple website certificate, email signing certificate, and PKI solution. For the SSL certificate category, they deal with domain validation, organization validation, and extended validation. The certificate price range starts from $109.50 to $525 per year.

Why an SSL Certificate for Your Ecommerce Website?

There are several reasons why you should install an SSL certificate to your online store. Some of them are highlighted below;

  • When the e-commerce store collects personal information
  • It is not secured in any way
  • It ranked at a low level in search engines
  • You need to secure it from cyber intruders
  • You want to increase trust to your clients
  • To comply with Google’s HTTPS support


It is essential that your E-commerce store should have an SSL Certificate. Choosing the best SSL certificate and the best providers for an SSL certificate can be a hard task. This article will help you come up with the best decision that will see the success of your e-commerce store.