Best 4 Free Mobile App Testing for Quality Assurance

Automation testing has established itself as a cornerstone of the software industry, particularly when it comes to mobile application development. By automating most of the repetitive, tedious, and mundane tasks with software testing automation, thereby saving time and effort for QA testers to focus on enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of testing as well as maximizing the product’s efficacy.

However, not all automation testing tools are created equal, selecting the right tool can make all the difference in the quality while speeding up the process. In this blog, we will be unlocking the 4 free automation testing tool options that certainly help to streamline your mobile application testing process and its performance in check.

Criteria for Evaluation: the Ultimate Mobile Applications Testing Tools

Looking for the best free automation testing tools in the market? Not sure how to evaluate them among the others? We’ve done all of the hard work! Our selection was based on several key factors below:

  • Popularity: Means they are widely embraced within the mobile application industry, and have gained popularity due to their effectiveness in automation testing.
  • Features: Our search for software tested the versatility of tools against a diverse set of testing scenarios, including functional, regression, load and performance. Our findings provide comprehensive coverage to ensure reliable results.
  • Ease of use: Tools are not only intuitive but also accessible even for beginners. With a simple learning curve, users can be up and running with no prior experience!

After rigorous scrutiny and comparison against key criteria mentioned above, our team has handpicked four of the most effective and FREE automation testing tools solutions for your mobile application available in 2023. Let’s check them out!

Top 4 Free Automation Testing Tools for Mobile Application

1. testRigor

With TestRigor, testing just got easier! This innovative tool allows everyone – even those without any advanced technical skills, to quickly and easily build end-to-end tests that cover mobile, web and API steps in just one go. Instead of complex XPaths or CSS Selectors, TestRigor gives users the power to express their tests as plain English specifications so anyone can understand, making complex test creation easier than ever before.

TestRigor supports multiple programming languages such as Python, Java and Ruby while providing frameworks for development on Android & iOS systems in addition to web platforms like Angular or React. Not only that, but TestRigor also offers an impressive range of testing capabilities beyond basic functional tests – from Security Testing to Audio Verification. It’s truly the one-stop shop for developers!

Overall, TestRigor is a powerful weapon against technical challenges, giving users the ability to configure and launch tests for mobile applications, websites, or APIs with maximum reliability.

2. Selendroid

If you’re looking for an easy, cost-efficient way to test native and hybrid Android apps, then Selendroid is the ideal solution. This robust automation framework offers a comprehensive set of features such as its full compatibility with JSON wire protocol, simultaneous testing across multiple Android devices and supporting hot plugging capability for hardware devices. Plus it comes with a helpful tool like Selenium Inspector that allows developers to inspect their app’s UI in real time. With support from both Java programming languages and device tests, there has never been an easier or more practical approach at no cost. Amazing, right?

3. Robotium

Robotium stands as a trusted leader in open-source mobile testing automation, revolutionizing the world of Android app testing specifically.  The user-friendly API written in Java simplifies and expedites creating powerful automatic black-box tests which can be used to verify an Android application’s reliability through testing of different interactions with users. Additionally, Robotium also provides features like reporting on test results and creation of organized cases, streamlining overall workflow processes.

Robotium provides a great flexibility when it comes to automating the testing process for various types of Android applications, supporting both native and hybrid apps, covering all your bases. Compatible with popular development tools such as Eclipse, Maven, and Jenkins, Robotium allows the integration of automated testing into the development workflow much easier.

Robotium has earned its reputation as one of the premier Android app testing tools. Offering rich features and seamless integration with popular development frameworks, it’s no wonder why many organizations rely on Robotium for carrying out their apps Quality Assurance process.

4. Calabash

Calabash simplifies mobile application testing, bridging the gap between technical and non-technical experts. It’s an open-source framework that runs on both iOS and Android platforms, allowing you to test native or hybrid apps with ease. No coding experience is necessary – Thanks to Cucumber’s BDD capabilities, tests are written in natural language for quick understanding by everyone involved, even the non-technical QA and business experts.

With Calabash, users can interact smoothly with the UI elements of both Android and iOS applications, consisting of actions such as pressing buttons, entering text or validating responses. This powerful tool contains actual tests that are written in Gherkin, supported by Ruby language code, and runs within Cucumber’s efficient framework.


With a wide range of options available for mobile application testing, it can be challenging to decide which one is the best fit. We’ve examined the four popular solutions – Selendroid, TestRigor Robotium and Calabash – evaluating their features, usability and its popularity  in order to provide an informed decision. Taking advantage of these tools can lead testers down the path towards improved accuracy and efficiency; ultimately providing better quality applications with happier end-users as a result. Based on your goals and products’ orientation, the experience of these tools might vary. There isn’t a perfect mobile testing tool that meets every one’s expectation, it’s best to Try it on your OWN and experience it your way. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts if you have tried these tools already in the comment sections down below. We’d love to hear your take on them.

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