September 30, 2020

Microsoft established Azure Security Lab: a maximum reward of $40,000

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Azure is currently one of Microsoft’s fastest-growing businesses. Microsoft has just announced the establishment of the Azure Security Lab and welcomes security experts around the world to test for Azure security vulnerabilities in exchange for bonuses. Kymberlee Price, Microsoft’s chief security PM manager, explained:

Open Network Emulator

“We have new scenario-based challenges with additional bounty awards of up to $300,000 in the Azure Security Lab. Throughout the year, more than $2 million of scenario bounty rewards will be offered to Azure Security Lab participants. The first scenarios will focus on breaking VM-based tenant isolation on Azure.”

The company also doubled the top Azure bug bounty to $40,000. Security researchers willing to join Microsoft’s new Azure security lab can fill out the application on this page. The new reward program is undoubtedly good news for the Azure ecosystem, which provides a safer environment for all business customers.

Price said that in order to thank them for their efforts and to alleviate and resolve these problems before they cause substantial harm, we have issued a total of $4.4 million in rewards over the past 12 months. The new program we announced today will help further protect the Azure ecosystem.

Via: ZDNet