AXIOMTEK Launches Thin-ITX Motherboard

Taiwanese industrial computer manufacturer AXIOMTEK recently launched a Thin-ITX motherboard: MANO561, which supports 12th-generation Core series processors.
MANO561 is a Thin-ITX board with a size of 170x170mm. Compared with the ITX board type, although the side length of Thin-ITX has not changed, the height has been reduced from 44mm to 25mm, which further reduces the size of the motherboard. MAN0561 adopts the H610 chipset, supports TPM2.0, supports 12th-generation Core series processors, and supports a maximum power consumption of 65W. The motherboard has a DC power interface and a 4Pin power input interface, both of which support 12V-24V voltage input.

MANO561 has two DDR4 SO-DIMM slots, the maximum supported capacity is 64GB; three M.2 slots, one M.2 B Key slot supporting SIM card installation, one M.2 B Key slot supporting STATA protocol, and one M.2 E Key slot supporting NVMe protocol. MANO561 also has a SATA interface, a full-length PCIe slot, and a Mini-PCIe slot.

In terms of interfaces, MANO561 has one audio interface, two HDMI interfaces, one VGA interface, one 2.5G Ethernet port (Intel I225-V), one Gigabit Ethernet port (Intel I219-V), two USB 2.0 interfaces, two USB 3.2 Gen1 ports, and a DC power port.
Since the motherboard is designed for industrial and embedded fields, the design operating temperature of the motherboard is 0°C-60°C. MANO561 also has four RS-232 serial interfaces, one of which supports RS-422/485 at the same time; supports LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) interface. The LVDS interface is often used for signal transmission of large-size LCD screens. This interface has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability and low power consumption.

AXIOMTEK also launched the ECM550 chassis at the same time, which is a thin chassis specially designed for MANO561 to meet customer integration requirements.