Avast SecureLine VPN No Longer Works For Netflix

Avast SecureLine VPN No Longer Works For Netflix

For many years now Avast SecureLine VPN has been able to grant Netflix users access to TV shows and films that have only been available in certain countries. However, with Netflix recently cracking down on the use of virtual private networks (VPNs) by individuals in order to obtain access to content that is not licensed in their country, users have now only been left with one choice of service and that is ExpressVPN. If you want to read much about this company then click here.

Before we progress, let us take a look back at why and how all of this happened. When Netflix works with content owners, such as Universal and HBO, they set licensing agreements, which stipulate what countries their movies / TV shows can and cannot be made available for viewing in. This is the main reason why all of the content that Netflix has at their disposal is not made available to all of their users.

If they were to do this, they would be breaking the agreement that they have with these companies and so would be liable to be sued by them. Because users of Netflix are aware of this, many try to get around it by using a VPN to digitally change their geographic location so that they can watch some content that is not usually available to them. Netflix are, of course, aware of certain users doing this and so do what they can to stop them.

They do this by identifying the internet protocol (IP) address of these VPN websites and block them from ever accessing Netflix in the future. This means that if a user now goes to use one of these VPNs, it will no longer work in gaining them access to different content. However, there is one company called ExpressVPN who are fighting back against Netflix so that their customers are able to access the Netflix content that they want.

ExpressVPN works by using multiple different servers for connecting to Netflix from. Once one of these becomes blocked, they simply move onto another one that Netflix are unaware of. A game of cat and mouse then proceeds between these two companies, with one blocking one out and the other just continually coming back with new ways of getting to their content. To be able to benefit from this service you can sign up to the ExpressVPN website.

It costs just under $10 a month and for that you get access to their servers through which you can access Netflix from what ever country you want to. If you want to save some money, you can even sign up for a whole year at a cost of just $100. The money that the company makes from this goes directly back into making the service even better by purchasing more and more servers for them to use.