ASUS releases ProArt PA32UCXR monitor

ASUS is poised to unveil a fresh entrant to their esteemed ProArt lineup: the mini-LED monitor christened “ProArt PA32UCXR.” ASUS heralds this masterpiece as the pioneer mini-LED monitor to seamlessly integrate a colorimeter with an illuminance that splendidly peaks at 1600 nits.

As per reports by Gizmochina, the ProArt PA32UCXR boasts a 31.5-inch panel, its luminescent backdrop segmented into 2304 distinct zones, rendering a 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160). Not only does it radiate exemplary display prowess, furnishing viewers with an astoundingly crisp visual clarity and intricate detail, but it also mesmerizes with its stark contrasts and luminescence. The in-built colorimeter facilitates automatic calibration, allowing for precise recalibrations as time waxes on. This monitor also embraces the ProArt hardware calibration technology, coming equipped with HDMI, DisplayPort, and Thunderbolt 3 ports, further enriched with a USB hub functionality, showcasing an opulent array of interfaces.

With its profound 10-bit color depth and a color gamut spanning 97% of DCI-P3, the ProArt PA32UCXR impeccably reproduces a vast spectrum of hues, rendering the world with a fidelity that’s unparalleled. Post its meticulous factory calibration, with a color accuracy marked by a Delta E of less than 1, the ProArt PA32UCXR becomes an indispensable asset for content creators spanning domains like photography, video editing, and digital art, where color precision stands paramount.

While ASUS had previously showcased the ProArt PA32UCXR monitor at Computex 2023, details remained cloaked in mystery. Word has it that ASUS intends to launch the ProArt PA32UCXR monitor in the waning quarter of this year. Pricing remains an enigma, but given its top-tier specifications, it’s anticipated to bear a premium tag. For context, its sibling, the ProArt PA32UCG-K, is priced at approximately $2999.