ASUS launches fan-less thin mini-ITX motherboard J6412T-IM-A

ASUS launched a Thin Mini ITX motherboard with Intel Celeron quad-core J6412 SoC onboard processor, model ASUS J6412T-IM-A.

ASUS J6412T-IM-A’s Celeron J6412 onboard processor adopts a 10nm process, 4 cores, and 4 threads. The base clock is 2.0GHz, the boost clock can reach 2.6GHz, and the TDP is 10W. Because there is only a TDP of 10W, the processor uses passive heat dissipation. J6412 is equipped with a UHD core display, has 16 EU computing units, the default clock is 400MHz, the boost clock is 800MHz, supports 4K 60hz display output, ASUS J6412T-IM-A has 2 SO-DIMM memory slots, supports 3200MHz DDR4 dual channel memory.

ASUS J6412T-IM-A is a Thin Mini-ITX version of the industrial motherboard, its main use is in the industrial field, but it can also be used for civilian use, the motherboard is mainly suitable for various embedded applications. ASUS J6412T-IM-A can connect up to 3 external displays, equipped with traditional interfaces such as HDMI, DP, eDP (optional), as well as GPIO interface, dual LAN mesh, 3 USB 3.2, mini PCIe, M.2 E key, M.2 M key and other slots/interfaces.

According to ASUS, ASUS, as the world’s number one motherboard brand, is not only involved in civilian retail motherboards but also involved in industrial motherboards. ASUS industrial motherboards have industrial-grade components that can run stably in harsh environments and are suitable for different vertical market applications.