ASUS launched its USB4 expansion card

The adoption of the Thunderbolt 4 interface in laptops has been quite successful, largely because Intel’s Core mobile processors inherently support Thunderbolt 4. However, its promotion in desktops has not been as impressive, with motherboard manufacturers seemingly showing greater interest in USB4. The two interfaces are, in fact, compatible with each other. Recently, ASUS launched its USB4 expansion card, offering two USB4 ports with support for 60W fast charging.

This ASUS USB4 expansion card utilizes the Asmedia ASM4242 controller, which is currently the most comprehensive solution for USB4. Asmedia is a subsidiary of ASUS. The expansion card requires a PCIe 4.0 x4 interface and provides two USB4 ports, both supporting USB PD fast charging with a maximum output of 60W. It allows daisy-chaining of up to five USB4 devices and includes two DP-in ports for receiving video output from a graphics card.

The card requires two connections for operation: one to the motherboard’s USB 2.0 expansion header, and the other to the motherboard’s USB4_Header or TB(USB4)_Header. Additionally, it necessitates a 6-pin PCIe power connector, as relying solely on the PCIe slot is insufficient for powering two 60W fast charging ports.

Given that most motherboards currently lack USB4 ports, such expansion cards still have a significant market, particularly for those who desire USB4 capabilities without needing to update their entire platform. ASUS has not yet disclosed the price or the exact release date of this USB4 expansion card.