Arizona passed a bill to force Apple and Google to allow developers to use third-party payments

Prior to this, some states in the United States had already brewed laws to protect their developers, because technology giants such as Apple forced developers to use in-app purchase systems and make a commission.

High commissions will obviously burden developers, and developers may pass on digital service usage fees to consumers if they want to reduce the burden.

Obviously, the monopolistic and anti-competitive behaviors of technology giants are not conducive to developers but also to consumer rights. Therefore, some states have begun to enact laws to prevent such behavior.

Now the real restriction by law is the state of Arizona, the state’s newly passed bill requires technology companies to allow developers to choose payment methods.

Apple Store privacy policy

Although the bill is not aimed at Apple, it may cause a serious blow to Apple, because the bill stipulates that developers have the right to choose payment services provided by other platforms.

At present, if developers want to put software or games on the Apple App Store, they must use Apple’s in-app purchase payment system and pay a high commission to Apple.

The Arizona bill is to force technology companies to open up payment channels, allowing developers to freely choose payment channels to avoid in-app purchase fees on the platform.

The state stated that the new bill will help make Arizona a state with a fair digital market and will help protect Arizona’s developers and consumers of digital services.

In the bill, the state also specifically emphasized that technology companies must not retaliate against developers who choose alternative payment methods.

Via: theverge