December 5, 2020

ARCOLINUX BETA 21.01 releases: Arch Linux based distro

1 min read

ArcoLinux is an Arch Linux based distro that uses

  1. Arch Linux as a base
  2. elements from the AUR (applications from github, debian (deb), redhat (rpm), compressed files, etc…)
  3. ArcoLinux created elements (themes, icons, conky’s, tweaks and configs)



  • Provide an operating system with all applications with personal theming installed but also bluetooth, printers, …
  • After the installation no fuss and all fun.
  • Provide a continuous stream of tutorials and knowledge on ArcoLinux.
  • Easy setup. No technical knowledge.
  • Low in cpu and memory consumption
  • Provide all icons, themes, cursors, wallpapers, … out of the box.
  • Provide Windows users a comfortable transition to the (Arch) Linux world.
  • Blazing fast.
  • Linux
  • Arch Linux
  • xfce
  • openbox
  • i3wm
  • awesome
  • budgie
  • cinnamon
  • gnome
  • mate
  • bspwm

ARCOLINUX BETA 21.01 releases.


  • Htop is installed by default on ArcoLinux and all ArcoLinuxB isos.