Apple’s YouTube channel started counting down the iPhone 15 series launch event

Reports suggest that Apple may immediately revamp the in-store presentation at its Apple Stores following the conclusion of its autumn event on September 12th, in preparation for the launch of new products.

Historically, Apple’s sales model has typically opened for pre-orders on the Friday of the announcement week, with official sales commencing on the following Friday. Should Apple choose to modify its store layout earlier this time, it may indicate a faster market introduction for this year’s new devices.

Yet, it remains uncertain if Apple has adjusted its product release timeline. This expedited in-store preparation could be a strategic move to amplify promotional effects for the upcoming product launch.

Previous news hinted at limited stock availability for the iPhone 15 Pro and higher-tier models, but this issue seems to have been resolved. However, rumors persist that Apple might postpone the release of Pro Max and Ultra-tier products until the first quarter of 2024, adding a layer of complexity to this year’s anticipated product announcements.

Overall, it appears that the initial release of the iPhone 15 Pro and its superior models might experience stock shortages, potentially leading to high demand and limited supply.