Apple’s Vision Pro MicroLED Screens to be Manufactured by BOE and SeeYA Technology

Previously, there were reports that the dual 4K microLED screens of the Apple Vision Pro would be manufactured by Sony. However, having only one supplier in the supply chain implies a challenge in reducing production costs. To achieve more effective cost control, Apple has reportedly been evaluating two Chinese display suppliers. According to Wccftech, the current suppliers for the Apple Vision Pro’s microLED screens are China’s BOE and SeeYA Technology. Many are familiar with BOE, while SeeYA Technology, established in October 2016, is a high-tech enterprise based in Hefei’s Free Trade Zone, specializing in the research, design, production, and sales of the next generation of semiconductor OLEDoS displays.

From the leaked images (sourced from TrendForce), it’s evident that Sony is not a supplier of this device. According to Revegnus, this is due to Sony’s low production volume of microLED panels, and Samsung is likely to become the screen supplier for Apple Vision Pro 2.

Previously, BOE had lost an iPhone display order due to failing Apple’s rigorous quality inspection tests. Thus, BOE may only provide trial version screen panels for the Apple Vision Pro, securing orders only if SeeYA Technology cannot meet the required shipment volumes.

Rumors suggest that the specific reason Sony could not become a supplier is its annual production capacity of only nine hundred thousand microLED displays for the Apple Vision Pro. Given that each device requires two screens, this means Apple could only produce four hundred fifty thousand units of the Apple Vision Pro annually, falling short of Apple’s demand.

Moreover, utilizing two suppliers could enable Apple to achieve better cost control and lay a robust supply chain foundation for the rumored mass production of the Apple Vision Pro 2 in 2027.