Apple will reorganize the Apple Car team at the end of this year

Market rumors allege that Apple plans to reorganize the Apple Car team by the end of this year, and plans to start mass production of vehicle products in 2025.
Apple’s internal car-building plan is called “Project Titan”. Since the news of its launch in 2014, it has been facing unfavorable situations, including many changes in the person in charge, adjustments in development direction, and even news of disbandment at one point.
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However, Apple has obviously not given up the car-building plan at present, but when the current development of related technologies is obviously behind others, it is bound to catch up with the progress through team reorganization and other methods.

The market expects that Apple will launch its vehicle products between 2025 and 2027. At the same time, it is possible to negotiate production plans with its long-term OEM partner Honda, but there have also been reports that Apple is actively negotiating the possibility of cooperative production with traditional car manufacturers. It may have chosen to cooperate with Hyundai Group at first, but later canceled the relevant cooperation intention for some reason. The reason seems to be related to Hyundai Group’s early exposure to the partnership.

As far as the market is concerned, Apple’s entry into the vehicle market will bring about major changes in the same way that the iPhone changed the mobile phone market, and accelerate the development of electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and other technical applications, and will also drive the operation mode of the market supply chain, thereby creating greater market opportunities.