Apple Watch Series 9 is replaced with a faster S9 SIP processor to integrate more personal application services

At the autumn event, Apple unveiled its latest Apple Watch Series 9. Beyond incorporating the swift S9 SIP processor to facilitate faster app launch and execution times, this series introduced voice-controlled health features via Siri. It also incorporates the second-generation UWB ultra-wideband pointing feature to locate iPhones using the Apple Watch. Further enhancing user experience, it added a pinch gesture control for various functions. Notably, this watch stands as Apple’s first product achieving zero carbon emissions in production, packaging, and shipping, with bands crafted from eco-friendly materials.

The Apple Watch Series 9, powered by its new processor with 5.6 billion transistors, accelerates computational efficiency. Particularly, with a 30% GPU performance uplift, users can awaken their watch and activate apps quickly. Battery life remains impressive, providing around 18 hours on a single charge. The peak screen brightness has been ramped up to an impressive 2000 nits.

The state-of-the-art neural engine design in the S9 SIP processor bolsters the computational capabilities of the Apple Watch Series 9. Siri remains accessible without internet connectivity or when the watch is connected to an iPhone, offering voice-controlled health functions, initially supporting English and Chinese, with more languages to be added later.

The newly introduced pinch gesture control is slated for a software update in October. Users can swiftly pinch their index finger and thumb twice to activate specific app functions—be it answering or ending calls, or executing camera shutter functions—allowing for efficient one-handed operations.

Apple has underscored that the Apple Watch Series 9 is their pioneering product to achieve zero carbon emissions across its lifecycle. They’ve committed that by 2030, a broader array of Apple products will meet this exacting environmental standard.

Aligning with market speculations, Apple confirmed the use of an environmentally friendly FineWoven material for the new Apple Watch bands. Collaborations with long-standing partners, Hermès and Nike, yielded bands made from eco-friendly materials.

The Apple Watch Series 9, in its aluminum model, will be available in shades of rose gold, gold, silver, space gray, and (PRODUCT)RED. The stainless steel variant will be distinguished in gold, silver, and black. Both versions are offered in 41mm and 45mm sizes.

Regarding watchOS 10, the update boasts new widgets, an all-new Snoopy watch face, and facilitates Bluetooth connections to power meters, speed sensors, and cadence sensors to gather detailed fitness data. While cycling, an automatic live activity tracker activates. For outdoor enthusiasts, compass waypoints and map directions are provided. Additionally, a mindfulness feature tracks mental wellbeing.

The suggested retail price for the GPS version starts at $399, while the cellular connectivity model begins at $499. Sales commence immediately, with an anticipated market release on September 22nd.