Apple announced the Apple Watch Ultra 2

In addition to the Apple Watch Series 9, Apple unsurprisingly announced the Apple Watch Ultra 2, equipped with the advanced S9 SIP processor and a striking screen peak brightness of 3,000 nits.

Although the Apple Watch Ultra 2’s aesthetics remain largely reminiscent of its predecessor, it boasts a commendable 95% titanium recycling rate and is adorned with bands crafted from eco-friendly materials. Empowered by the S9 SIP processor, the device enjoys enhanced wake and app execution speeds. A dual-pinch gesture feature is seamlessly integrated, providing users with swift access to specific Apple Watch functionalities using just one hand.

Echoing its precursor, the device employs a light sensor to automatically transition to a night display mode, thereby conserving energy. Regarding battery longevity, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 promises up to 36 hours of usage on a single charge under standard conditions. Activating its power-saving mode extends its stamina to an impressive 72 hours.

Mirroring the Apple Watch Series 9’s accolade as the first product in the lineup to achieve a zero-carbon emission benchmark, Apple proudly proclaims that the Apple Watch Ultra 2, when paired with the new Cross-Country and Mountain bands, also meets this lofty environmental standard.

The new Cross-Country and Mountain bands are crafted using over 30% recycled materials. The Mountain band palette has been expanded to include shades of blue, indigo, and olive, while the Cross-Country band now features combinations of orange with beige, green with gray, and blue with black. Additionally, the Ocean bands are available in blue and orange variations.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is priced at $799. Pre-orders are now accepted, with an official release slated for September 22nd.

Furthermore, Apple highlighted that the Apple Watch SE, when paired with the brand-new sport band, achieves the zero-carbon emission goal. Available in both GPS and cellular versions, the recommended retail prices are set at $249 and $299, respectively.