Apple to start providing iOS systems with local applications in Russia

Previously, Russia passed a new law requiring smartphones and other products sold in Russia to be pre-installed with local applications. Even Apple must comply with this regulatory requirement.

The Russian government made a list of local applications and selected some well-known applications to require Apple to pre-install. Now Apple has begun to provide such special versions of iOS in Russia.

However, this is slightly different from the pre-installation that we understand. Apple does not directly pre-install these applications in the system but provides users with options during the configuration phase.

When the user sets up the iPhone/iPad for the first time, a list of local Russian apps will appear after logging in to the account, and the user can download the corresponding apps as needed.

Apple stated that it will provide applications provided by local Russian developers based on Russian regulations, and users can download them on demand.

If you don’t need it, you can also directly click the close button in the upper right corner to make other settings. These apps are relatively well-known apps in Russia.

Including a variety of applications from Yandex, the largest domestic Internet and advertising company in Russia, such as Yandex browser, maps, and online storage are directly in the top three.

This improvement does not require direct adjustments to iOS but is based on server-side adjustments. If the device is activated in Russia, the download page will pop up.

Whether this approach meets the requirements of Russian regulations is currently unclear. After all, the Russian government requires equipment manufacturers to pre-install these local applications.

According to Russian regulations, Android devices sold in Russia have been pre-installed, that is, the application is directly pre-installed through the system firmware instead of allowing users to actively download it.

Via: macrumors