Apple plans to launch many peripheral accessories using USB-C ports to replace Lightning

During an interview on “The MacRumors Show” podcast, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman revealed that Apple plans to launch a plethora of peripherals incorporating USB-C port designs. Among these is a novel MagSafe portable charger capable of simultaneously charging multiple iPhones. Moreover, Gurman opined that the unveiling of the new AirPods Pro with a USB-C port design is not imminent and is likely scheduled for late 2024 or early 2025.

Gurman further disclosed that with the impending iPhone 15 series adopting the USB-C port design, Apple anticipates updating cables and accessories that have employed the Lightning connection standard since 2012. This includes several peripherals originally designed for specific iPhone models.

For instance, Apple might introduce a new MagSafe Duo charger with a USB-C port, and potentially replace accessories like the Apple Watch magnetic charging dock, which currently utilizes a Lightning connection. However, these announcements might not be made during the upcoming autumn special presentation. Instead, they could be discreetly rolled out on the official website.

Elaborating further, Gurman mentioned Apple’s intent to revamp the MagSafe portable charger. Beyond transitioning to a USB-C connection, the design could also encompass the capability to charge two iPhones concurrently. Nevertheless, this innovation might not swiftly penetrate the market.

Furthermore, Gurman projects that the USB-C-designed new AirPods Pro will be positioned as a third-generation product. Thus, the comprehensive updates might extend beyond merely a port specification change and could potentially feature more pronounced functional enhancements. As for the launch timeline, it might be slated for 2024 or early 2025.