Apple plans to expand its advertising business: Insert more ads in systems and own services

Many users of Android mobile phones have been troubled by too many advertisements pushed by the system. In contrast, Apple’s devices are rarely harassed by advertisements during use. In the eyes of some users, Apple’s products, although more expensive, are worth it at this point. However, as the global economic situation tightens, in order to ensure revenue, Apple also seems to have the idea of ​​increasing advertising revenue.

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According to Bloomberg, Apple is considering adding advertisements to Apple Maps, and may further insert advertisements in Podcasts, Books, and other applications to expand the coverage of advertisements. This gives companies and creators the opportunity to display their wares in more places for more users to see. Apple allows users to turn off personalized ads in privacy settings, but doing so only affects the relevance of ads, not how often they appear.

At present, Apple has set up advertising space in the news, stock, and App Store prominent positions, and the annual revenue of its advertising business is about $4 billion. Apple hopes to expand its advertising business to exceed $10 billion in revenue. On the company’s earnings call last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook said Apple’s advertising business would be a “great” tool for developers who want to promote their apps.