Apple placed an M2 chip order with TSMC

Everyone is very concerned about the progress of Apple’s self-developed chips. According to the current situation, M1 will be followed by M2, and this processor is already in production.

According to the supply chain channel information, mini-LED screen suppliers will start supplying in the third quarter of this year, which means that even if Apple announces the new M2 MacBook lineup at this year’s WWDC conference, there will also be some delays in these two new products.

Apple Macbook ARM

According to Nikkei Asia, said that TSMC may be ready to ship the first batch of M2 by July. Like the A-series chips used in the iPhone, the M-series chips also use a periodic frequency that is updated once a year. Although Apple has used the same M1 chip on four different laptops and desktops so far, in the future, Apple may further subdivide Apple Silicon chips based on different devices.

As the next generation product of M1, the new processor will support more Thunderbolt channels, more CPU cores, GPU cores, and support for multiple external displays, including 10-core CPUs (8 high-performance cores, 2 energy-efficient cores), and 16-core or 32-core GPU design, up to 64GB of memory.

According to the leaked information, the M2 processor will be based on TSMC’s latest semiconductor production technology, 5-nanometer plus, or N5P, and Apple will further improve the multi-core performance.

Via: BGR