Apple occupies nearly 80% of the Arm processor-based notebook market share

Apple is accelerating the pace of transition from Intel x86 processors to self-developed chips, including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac mini, which may get rid of Intel x86 processors faster than planned. Although there is only one M1 chip, for the time being, Apple will soon release a MacBook Pro model equipped with the new M1X.

According to the research company Strategy Analytics, processors based on the Arm architecture occupy more and more markets, and Apple’s laptops are the main driving force, contributing a considerable part of the growth. Data show that 79% of notebooks based on Arm processors in 2021 will be Apple’s MacBook series. With the release of M1X and new MacBook Pro models, Apple will further increase its share.

In addition, the revenue of notebook computers based on Arm architecture processors will more than triple in 2021, reaching $949 million. If compared by quantity, among the notebook computers on the market, shipments of Arm-based processors have more than tripled in 2021, accounting for more than 10% of the total notebook computer processor shipments.

In addition to Apple, MediaTek ranks second with a market share of 18%. In the notebook computer market, its Arm architecture processors are mainly used in Chromebooks. It is a little bit surprising that Qualcomm, ranked third, with a market share of only 3%, and the gap with Apple may be further widened in the future. Although Qualcomm and Microsoft have established close ties, they still have not been able to achieve success in the laptop market until now.