Apple may launch a new 24-inch iMac at the end of October this year

In September of this year, Apple’s new iPhone release seemed less fervent than in previous years, leading many to anticipate whether the tech giant had any more compelling product unveilings in store for the remainder of the year. While there were earlier speculations suggesting that Apple might not release an iPad update this year, recent whispers indicate a potential October debut for a new Mac computer — specifically, a long-awaited 24-inch iMac update.

It’s conceivable that many have relegated this particular product to the recesses of their memories, considering its last update dates back to the first half of 2021. Over two years have elapsed since then, and while other concurrently launched products have seen subsequent revisions, the 24-inch iMac appears as though it’s been forsaken by Apple. Currently, it remains the sole iMac available for purchase. According to insider Mark Gurman, there are inklings that Apple might unveil a fresh iteration of the 24-inch iMac, possibly around the end of October.

Given that the 24-inch iMac underwent a comprehensive redesign in 2021, it’s reasonably certain that this update will be incremental. This means retaining the current external design but upgrading the internal components. The significant revelation is that Apple may equip the new iMac with the pioneering M3 chip, transitioning to a 3nm process. Rumors suggest a notable performance enhancement, with its single-core capabilities potentially surpassing that of the M2 Max. However, considering the limited production capacity for the 3nm technology at this juncture, it’s plausible that Apple is testing the waters with the less voluminous 24-inch iMac.

Unquestionably, the 24-inch iMac will also feature a selection of brand-new colors — a hallmark of the iMac lineage and a strategy consistent with Apple’s more budget-friendly offerings. To be candid, in today’s computer market, a 24-inch screen seems somewhat diminutive. There’s chatter that Apple might introduce a more expansive 32-inch iMac in the latter half of 2024, which should undoubtedly pique the interest of a broader user base.