Apple may introduce a new design to M4 chip

Apple is slated to host a special event titled “Let Loose” on the evening of May 7, 2024, unveiling a new range of iPad products. It is rumored that this event will see the launch of an OLED version of the iPad Pro, a new iPad Air, and fresh iterations of the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil, potentially marking one of the most significant single-day updates in Apple’s tablet history. As the launch approaches, there has been an unexpected rumor that the new iPad Pro may skip the M3 chip in favor of the M4.

iPad Pro OLED

Given that the M3 was released not long ago, many anticipated that Apple might simply enhance the existing design with a more powerful neural engine to boost performance for AI workloads and then introduce it as the M4. However, according to Wccftech, the situation might be different, with Apple possibly opting for a completely new design that distinguishes the M4 from the current M3.

Recently leaked online were new model numbers for the upcoming iPad Pro, including iPad16,3, iPad16,4, iPad16,5, and iPad16,6. Apple’s M2-equipped iPads carry the “14” series numbers, such as iPad14,3, and logically, if the M3 were used, the new iPads would feature the “15” series. However, information shared by an anonymous leaker indicates that the upcoming iPad Air will feature the “T8112” identifier, unique to the M2. The M3’s identifier is “T8122,” while the new iPad Pro’s chip corresponds to the identifier “T8132,” which is not associated with the M3 and is more likely the M4.

Moreover, it is rumored that the M4 is manufactured using TSMC’s N3E process, as opposed to the N3B process used by the previous M3 series. Whether the OLED version of the iPad Pro will feature the M3 or M4 will likely be confirmed within the week.