September 27, 2020

Apple may announce ARM-based Macs at WWDC conference

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For many years, there have been rumors that Apple is secretly developing a MacBook based on the ARM architecture.

The latest news from Bloomberg indicates that Apple may officially announce that it will shift the MacBook series to the ARM architecture. In more detail, it will be officially announced at the Apple Developers Conference WWDC almost two weeks later.

Some friends may not understand what the ARM architecture is. The ARM architecture is currently the processor architecture used by most mobile phones and tablets. Compared with the x86 architecture, the ARM architecture does better power management. Products are more power-efficient.

popping sound 16-inch MacBook Pro

Back to the ARM architecture processor that the MacBook is about to carry, I think Apple will choose to let the MacBook be equipped with its own A-series processor. After all, the performance of Apple’s A-series processor has exceeded the performance of some desktop processors.

According to the internal data of Apple’s A-series processors, their processors have beaten most Intel processors in terms of graphics performance and AI, so this can be a powerful way for A-series processors to meet the daily needs of users.

At present, the Windows OS led by Microsoft has gradually entered the ARM PC market, but due to the poor ecology, so far there have been no particular things.