Apple launches iPad mini 6 with a full-screen design, supporting fingerprint recognition, USB-C, support 5G

At the press conference, Apple also updated the iPad Mini series and launched the iPad Mini 6. If you want to talk about upgrading, the iPad Mini 6 may have more upgrades than the iPad 2021, and Apple also spent a lot of time introducing it at the press conference.

iPad Mini 6 features a full-screen design and supports fingerprint recognition while using a USB-C interface to facilitate users to connect external devices to read files.

Image: Apple

The same Apple also upgraded the iPad Mini 6 camera and processor, but unfortunately, this device is still LCD screen instead of Mini LED.

The iPad Mini 6 uses a full-screen design, which looks like an oversized iPhone. As usual, Apple continues to make the device look lighter and thinner.

In terms of screen, iPad Mini 6 uses Liquid Retina retina display, which supports a wide color gamut, original color display, and the screen brightness can reach 500 nits.

In terms of biometrics, the iPad Mini 6 uses Touch ID like the iPad Air, that is, the fingerprint recognition button is placed at the top of the screen for users to quickly verify and so on.

According to Apple, the iPad Mini 6 improves processor performance by 40%, graphics display performance by 80%, and machine learning performance by more than 2 times.

Thanks to its powerful performance, the iPad Mini 6 can directly process a lot of data locally without uploading it to the cloud, such as the real-time translation dialogue provided by Apple.

The real-time translation function is provided by Apple’s new translation app. Users can use the iPad Mini 6 to perform real-time translation and output content.

Image: Apple

In terms of interface, iPad Mini 6 has been replaced with a USB-C interface, such as videographers can directly use the USB-C interface to connect the camera and then read the content of the file.

Its file transfer efficiency is more than 10 times higher than the previous version, which should be an upgrade item worth paying attention to for users who often need to transfer files.

In addition, the iPad Mini 6 now supports 5G networks, which can provide a download rate of up to 3.5Gbps, allowing users to maintain fast links no matter where they are.

The rear camera of the iPad Mini 5 is upgraded to 12 million pixels and supports autofocus. The new original color flash can help users optimize low-light shooting.

The front camera is upgraded to a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera to help users get the best results whether they are taking photos or conducting video chats.

In addition, the iPad Mini 6 has also been equipped with a horizontal stereo speaker system, which allows users to obtain stereo audio effects when watching videos in horizontal mode.

In terms of price, the iPad Mini 6 starts at $499 and comes with a 20W USB-C charger. From today, users can order from Apple to ship it next week.