Apple is working on an OLED MacBook Air model with a 13.4-Inch display

Previously, reports intimated that mini-LED displays were not Apple’s principal focus, as the company’s product lineup is poised to transition to OLED technology, with an eventual full-fledged adoption of micro-LED technology in the distant future. Apple may opt to equip the iPad Pro models with larger OLED displays in 2024, employing Hybrid OLED technology—a fusion of rigid OLED panel and flexible OLED panel technologies. Presently, both Samsung and LG are striving toward this goal.

According to Wccftech, Apple will not only incorporate OLED technology into the iPad Pro models but also integrate it into the MacBook product lineup. Apple is currently developing MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models with OLED displays, with the former boasting a 13.4-inch screen size—marginally smaller than the existing 13.6-inch product, yet slightly larger than the older 13.3-inch iteration.

The precise development status of the OLED-equipped MacBook Air remains uncertain, though rumors suggest Apple plans to unveil the product next year, contemporaneously with the OLED-equipped iPad Pro model. As for the OLED-equipped MacBook Pro model, it may not materialize until 2026.

Apple is also preparing a larger MacBook Air featuring a 15.5-inch screen and upgraded internal configurations, anticipated for release later this year. Rumored to maintain the design language of the 13.6-inch version, it will feature flat edges, an enlarged touchpad, a keyboard with function keys, and the M2 Pro chip as the highest optional configuration. Apple is expected to enhance the speakers and front-facing camera, as well as increase battery capacity, resulting in superior battery longevity. Prior reports indicated that supply chain partners for Apple’s new products have been making preparations, with screen suppliers already producing the requisite display panels.