Apple is developing a foldable screen iPhone model

According to the latest reports from The Information, Apple is in the process of developing foldable screen models for the iPhone and is currently testing various prototypes. However, these test models still face design challenges that prevent them from passing quality assurance checks and moving into mass production. This issue is the primary reason why Apple has yet to release a foldable iPhone.

The report highlights two major obstacles preventing the launch of a foldable iPhone: the durability of the hinge mechanism and the visibility of creases when the device is unfolded. An anonymous source indicated that it is highly unlikely for Apple to release a foldable iPhone in 2024 or 2025. Should Apple resolve these issues and adjust the price to a market-acceptable level, the foldable iPhone could potentially launch in 2026, though no details regarding its appearance have been disclosed.

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Despite the prototypes being in the early stages of development, Apple has already engaged in business negotiations with several component manufacturers regarding the supply chain. While specific suppliers have not been leaked, there have been reports suggesting that Samsung and LG have showcased their foldable display samples to Apple. However, Apple is concerned that the current foldable iPhone prototypes might face longevity or other issues, leaving open the possibility of the project’s cancellation.

Furthermore, pricing poses a significant challenge for the foldable iPhone model, as Apple believes that consumers can fulfill their daily usage needs with a conventional “bar” iPhone model. If the foldable iPhone is priced too high, it is unlikely to receive a favorable market response. Interestingly, the report also mentions that Apple has seriously considered the feasibility of launching a foldable iPad, but the aforementioned issues would similarly affect tablets.

According to a financial report for the first quarter of 2024 by Wccftech, Apple’s strong market performance means it does not necessarily need to enter the foldable device market. However, as major manufacturers continue to release increasingly sophisticated and affordable foldable products, Apple may be compelled to introduce a competitive offering to secure its market share.