Apple had planned to launch a 14.1-inch iPad Pro this year, But decided against it

Rumors had previously swirled suggesting Apple’s intent to unveil a grandiloquent iPad Pro with an expansive 14.1-inch display, boasting enhanced performance capabilities. Alas, Apple chose to forgo this ambitious endeavor, shifting its strategic emphasis toward the forthcoming OLED-screened models set to debut next year.

As delineated by Wccftech, Apple had ostensibly been in the throes of testing this 14.1-inch behemoth, furnished with a more sizable screen and a superior SoC. Yet, they opted against unveiling this particular model. Details surrounding this elusive 14.1-inch iPad Pro remain scant. Whisperings indicate that beyond its expansive screen offering enriched display real estate, it possessed the prowess to simultaneously tether two high-resolution monitors. Insiders have hinted that the chipset earmarked for this model wasn’t the generic M3 but rather the more illustrious M3 Pro. After all, without a discernible upscaling in specifications, justifying a lofty price point would be a Sisyphean task.

Apple’s focal point for the iPad Pro lineup now gravitates towards next year’s OLED display-infused models. Sources claim these new entrants will manifest in both 11-inch and 13-inch form factors, accompanied by an upgrade to the cutting-edge 3nm M3 chip. Furthermore, Apple anticipates refining the Magic Keyboard’s architecture, ushering in an upgraded variant with an aluminum framework and a more expansive touchpad. This is to accommodate the iPadOS’s recent inclinations towards more intricate mouse control functionalities, aligning with Apple’s vision of categorizing the iPad Pro as a “computer.”

With Apple poised to introduce the OLED-screened iPad Pro models in the ensuing year, the era of the mini-LED display will gradually recede from this product lineage.